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I don't want to worry about ED problem, i believe this situation will go away. It happens for a week and it is due to a dissapointment.
But either i have erection outside PE or not, i don't have while doing PE. I am completely flaccid and i can't do something for that.
I am doing PE for 4 months i do the JP routine and i continue with this routine...
I don't want to stop PE because lately i see a scarcity in flaccid length and i believe this happens b/c of lack of motivation by me and because i don't have erections as usual...
I am not sure I understand you. You are flaccid only during PE? Other times everything is okay? Sex, masturbation? All good and performing well? If it is not ED, then just a slight decrease in your EQ. Usually if EQ is going down it is a sigh of over-training.

Do you masturbate? Do you get an erection by masturbating? Because PE is like masturbation with a twist. So why don't you relax, start masturbating only with mental images and combine some jelqing techniques to your masturbation session. Hell, edging with some erect kegel jelqs! You can combine those exercises to your routine. You are not a newbie anymore.