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to be hosnest i think you should keep going ignore pis for the first feweeks as your penis will naturaly try to defend against this un natural behaviour that it is not used to, and keeping doing what you are doing will keep the pressure on for it to realise to adapt to the changes and there for grow, that said after a few months i would watch out for your pi`s remember pi theory is only a theory and what i have said is only my opinion good luck
I base the PI's as being a good indicator because after a vigorous workout as a beginner you do loose morning wood and it returns a couple of days after with rest. I'm a personal trainer and I wouldn't get a new client with hardly any lifting experience to start with a bodybuilding style program, working out every day simply because they would not recover in time for the next workout. What do we base recovery on; DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which reduces range of motion and our body cant function at 100% capacity. And when this disappears we know our body is ready for the another session. So this principle should be applied to PE as well because growth comes from recovery NOT during the workout.