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  • base and glans girth

    well friends, unfortunately and fortunately at the same time my penis is changing it's getting ticker but only in the middle shaft, although i really wanted it to be entirely big ( i want to avoid baseball bat shape ). SO what i need is advices for manual exercises for increasing the size of my base girth as well my glans. But not devices please

    i saw somewhere on the internet that for increasing glans size a good idea is to hold the glans for 10 seconds when we are making the jelqing ( squeezing ) exercises ?? Do you think its safe to try this ??
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    luis: The exercise you mentioned is a good one for the glans, so long as your penis is conditioned for it and you don't go at it too intensely. The key on avoiding the baseball shape is exercising your entire penis - really make sure you are starting at the base with your jelqs.
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      this is such an important matter! its my number 1 concern right now regarding PE..
      im surprised there is only one post...


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        Hello Willemefmorfidis,

        I'm sure that there are many more posts on the forum regarding the baseball bat penis situation, however this post is old and probably terminated when luis received what I consider an insightful answer from Remek.

        Are you having trouble with this condition? It sounds like you need to concentrate your efforts on working your whole penis to avoid this situation.

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          hi cult!

          as a matter of fact ur right.. i searched with the word ''base'' and found quite a few forums..

          i posted a detailed description of my situation in this forum:

          i think it would interest u... take a look