Hi All,

Im 21. Just graduated college, played four years college soccer, eat healthy, exercise a lot besides the excessive amount of poison (alcohol) i put into my body every time I went out in college.


^I just had to throw this in there. I am partially writing down my whole story so hopefully someone who was in the same position I was will realize that there is hope.

I've been a lurker on this site for a few months now as I have worked with my dumbass weiner since I first recognized I had PEID in the fall of 2015. I'm going to give the whole backstory, and end with where I am hoping to get to with my penis. I started masturbating around 12-13 years old, went in and out of it etc. However the spring of 2015 I had a pretty bad back injury, from which I developed chronic sciatic pain. I had already masturbated a good amount, probably 6-7 times a week, with porn, no lube (crazy I know, just had no idea what I was doing to my body/brain/wiener) for the past 2 years or so, but with this injury, I started using masturbation as a sleep aide. This spiraled into my masturbating at least 2 times a day for a span of ~6 months if I remember correctly, until I got with this really hot girl, and couldn't penetrate sober. (At this point in my life, I had had vaginal sex with three different girls, for a total of about 5-6 times.) Being a biology major, stem-brain etc, I immediately began doing research and found yourbrainonporn dot con. ( I dont know if posting websites is allowed here, sorry), moderator feel free to remove that part.

I immediately stopped masturbating, and after winter break, I got with this girl and was able to have sex under the influence of about one 40 (old english forty ounce malt liquor, my drink of choice ). I was so happy to even penetrate, but unsurprisingly, lasted about 11 seconds. Fortunately the girl was hella cool and didnt really care for some reason so I got to keep giving her some really sub par dick for a month or so. From this point on, I was able to have sex sober or under a mild amount of alcohol, but not for very long, sometimes only a very few strokes, especially if I wasn't using a condom. Over the next year or so, while doing unbelieveable amounts of research, I started to learn about nofap, edging, etc. I tried doing no fap and then some edging (but without any real structured routine or goal, so obviously I didn't get much out of it). I was able to get with a pretty good amount of girls (puberty hit me like a brick in college ) and eventually I got into a pretty steady sexual/romantic relationship with a girl where I was having unprotected sex 3-4 times a week minimum for about the course of 8-9 months (on and off, but I probably averaged sex 4-5 times a week minimum from october 2016-may 2017). She was real understanding and as I told her what was going on, I was able to work on lasting longer during our sex by doing stop-start tactic. Around february of 2017, I was able to stroke away at a pretty good clip when I was highly intoxicated ( this is a big change for me because not only was I able to get hard with 10+ drinks under my belt, being drunk had never extended my stamina before). However spring break rolled around so I didnt have sex for like 2 weeks and I came back and was back to where I was, lasting 2-3 minutes unless I did some serious stop start tactics.

Just going to throw this in, I was able to get hard if I masturbated(i never intentionally masturbate to ejaculation anymore) , but often just kissing a girl and undressing her wouldnt be enough, and especially not enough for a condom, but a blowjob would sometimes do it, but I really couldn't keep an erection without stimulus. Also at one point I could literally take a blow job for an hour but i would bust in 5 strokes of vagina.

Also, I really didn't have any morning wood except for the time period from ~feb 2017-may 2017 where I was having a lot of sex.

We're almost there, I promise.

So after spring break we got back into having sex pretty consistently and I was getting a little better (doing some edging on the side, but sometimes slipping up and ejaculating, nobodies perfect ). In the very beginning of may 2017, I was able to have sex when I was completely belligerent, and still be hard enough to penetrate, without getting a blow job first. This was when my dumb ass decided I should try one session of porn masturbating, to try and desensitize myself to see if I could last longer. NOPE- next time we hooked up I couldn't get hard without a blowjob. I told her what I did and was like "damn, i wonder how much I just fucked myself". Well turns out i'm still getting back to where I was with being able to get hard all the time (3 months after my relapse to porn) --- so anyone who ever is considering giving porn "just one more shot- maybe it'll make me last longer- NO DONT DO IT PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU"

Anyway, I have now started to get into PE. I have started JP's 90 day beginner routine, I bought a Fleshlight STU and have been edging with it. I am able to have sex for a pretty good amount of time, however I always have the initial penetration happen with the girl on top, because I don't hold an erection well unless I am on my back. I mainly posted all the background just to give yall as much info as possible, and for it to serve as hope for anyone who is new to ED and freaking out- its going to be okay.

Sorry for the absolute ramble, but now for the reason I posted this:

I want to improve my EQ mainly, and then of course how long I last. I am happy with the size of my penis, but bigger definitely wouldnt be a bad thing

- My erection angle is definitely no more than 9:30 on a clock (honestly can't remember if it has even been higher, never paid attention until my shit stopped working), and I can't hold an erection without stimulus well.

So my question to all you knowledgeable people is, what should I be doing?

I am almost 2 weeks into JP's 90 day beginner routine, but I am unclear if I should be jelqing with a partial erection or not. I also take L-tryptophan to hopefully increase my receptor density, and L arginine, ginko balba (i forget how its spelled) and american genseng (the last two alternating for the most part) to help with circulation. I edge with my fleshlight, but I'm not sure how often I should be doing this, and if I should ever be ejaculating. My biggest goal is to be able to always get hard, drunk or not, and then once I get there, I can really focus on stamina. Im sure this post was an absolute nightmare to read, but for those of you who stuck it out, I really appreciate it, and appreciate any advice you can give me.

There is no such thing as too much info. Should i jelq standing, what is the best jelqing technique (erect or flaccid, v jelqs or no, etc..), how often should i stretch my penis and what is the best routine for that, what kegels (reverse/front) should I be doing/how many, any good stretches? ( i have been doing a lot of deep squat-type stretches.)

Appreciate the help,- really all information is appeciated