Hi everyone!
I guess becouse of treatment with alpha receptors antagonist with are response for muscle working. My pelvis muscle are to relaxed or to weak.
Symptoms of this are:
-Strugling achive erections
-post urine dribling
-weak urine flow
-ecscessive precum leaking (when this happend, I losing erection)
-leaking sperm instead shootong.
-pelvic area numbness including penis and scrotum.
I didnt had those symptoms before treatment.
I had few days relieve of symptoms with sexual aspect, almost all back to noraml and when thats happend, same time my urine flow become narrow, and more distant.
So I presume my muscle become tight again, but only for few days.
Can kegel exercies are the key of make those muscle back to normal ?
Please about help,couse I strugle with this problem for long time and depression cant give me a break :/