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Tongkat Ali for HF/EQ and couple of other questions

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  • Tongkat Ali for HF/EQ and couple of other questions

    Hi guys,

    I've read whilst dealing with HF a blood flow supplement is a good idea, a lot of posts I've seen say Tongkat Ali helps with a good flaccid hang and EQ overall, could it help me?

    Secondly, I've found that "nofap" even for 5 days actually did more harm than good with my EQ. Admittedly when I went to masturbate I had my usual negative thoughts "what if I don't get it up?", after a few minutes a settled down and got it up nicely enough, but damn I came quickly, not a nice experience. I should have waited to see my gf in person so my own fault. But surely daily masturbation would be worse than the odd break? On the flip side, my morning/night wood was improved during those 5 days? Pretty confused here.

    Finally, I'm going to start the gym again this weekend but will squats make my PF tension worse? I want to focus on compound movements but NOT bodybuilding.

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    I've been taking Tongkat Ali for about a month. Problem is, I'm taking it along with many other things like black maca, citrulline, cialis, red ginseng, and HGW, so I can't say anything about it. My libido and EQ and everything is pretty damn good compared to where I was two months ago. I mean, way better.


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      I found that tongkat Ali was one of the better supplements for improving EQ.
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        Tongkat Ali helps bloodflow from what I noticed. As did Maca root.
        Squats shouldn't make pelvic floor tension any worse. I do squats twice a week with no problems, other than a sore lower body.


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          Update - either it's a placebo effect but after 4/5 few days I'm certainly finding it easier to get to full EQ quicker and orgasms feel more intense.

          I've been taking it whilst eating junk food and smoking weed so I think next week when I start the gym again I may be onto a winner


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            I've been curious about this supplement. Thanks for doing this experiment.
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              As my researched suggests though, you need to take it for a few days before you feel the benefits. I believe you're supposed to take it on a 7 day on/3 day off ratio.

              In all honesty, when I smoke my anxiety is reduced majorly. So next week when I'm exercising and laying off weed, I'll know if it's just a placebo or not