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Do you guys also have any tips for staying aroused during intercourse? I'm at a big psychological barrier but I know if I'm aroused I'll be fine, as I can take a 10mg cialis and for a few days afterwards I'm easily erect with very little stimulation as long as I'm aroused. For when I'm having sex with this girl, I'm going to take a 20mg strength cialis.

I start worrying about performance (mainly due to my just smaller than 5" size) and ability to keep it up, on top of not being as aroused as I could be usually due to my porn habbit. do you guys have any tips in the meantime to get over this hurdle during intercourse?

Thanks again!
The above in bold is what's causing you issues. You can't hope to relax and allow nature to take its course if you're giving in to performance anxiety.

Pushing negative thoughts out of your mind and focusing on what's at hand will be helpful. If you find yourself too anxious anyway, you may need to ease into sexual activity more slowly. Let your libido build until it overrides any remnant of anxiety you have.