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So while you were sleeping, your brain not thinking, your body gave you something to wake up to. Ten minutes later as your brain started working you went back to feeling poorly. Now what is that telling you?
It's telling me I need to focus on my mental.

That said, I still think there has to be some physiological effects from the Bathmate injury that I've yet to recover from. I did some light, light jelquing yesterday with some massaging/ended with edging, and my unit felt pretty good. It was a bit sore afterwards and I couldn't tell if it had a "purpley" hue to it, but it sort of reminded me of the purple/red spots I had after my first session with the Bathmate. I think I'm just going to continue with the massages and give it some rest. I've also started taking st johns wort, gingko, a small dose of OTC testosterone from Irwin naturals. Will report back here.