Progesterone/testosterone cream for erectile dysfunction - Ferguson, Steven Wallace
"We have found a consistent pattern of hormonal abnormalities in patients with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Our study group included men from age 21 to 88 years old. By helping to correct the hormonal imbalance of progesterone and testosterone towards normal values, most of the men in our study were able to obtain normal erectile function. By using a progesterone/testosterone cream we were able to help correct the hormonal imbalance commonly found in men with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Effectiveness in helping ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION with progesterone solutions from 0.5 to 5% and testosterone solutions from 2 to 20%, working synergistically. The combination of Progesterone/Testosterone Cream can be helpful in increasing the libido in men. The Progesterone/Testosterone Cream mixture we are using is readily absorbed and does not have to pass through the liver, alleviating the side-effects from the metabolite."

Men and Progesterone
"Progesterone is produced in small amounts in men too. Progesterone is as vital for men's health as it is for women's. When it comes to men & progesterone, progesterone protects men against excessive estrogen. Like women, men are also at risk of becoming estrogen dominant, and the symptoms, although different from women’s, can also be dire. Some of the symptoms of excess estrogen in men are: enlargement of the prostate, increased frequency of urination, heart conditions, cellular changes leading to cancer, depression and fatigue, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction."

Natural Progesterone and BPH
"It is easy to supplement with progesterone. In older men, a return to youthful progesterone levels can usually be achieved by a 6-8 mg per day application of a transdermal cream. This is about 1/16 to 1/8 of a teaspoon of cream containing 500 mg of progesterone per ounce. Since progesterone is a precursor to several hormones—one of which is testosterone—it can often resolve many symptoms. In my opinion, when aging men with low androgen levels use supplemental hormones, not only does their prostate function, sex drive, and sexual ability return to normal, but in many cases their overall health takes a major turn for the better."

The Care and Feeding of a Penis. -
"As the years progress we make less testosterone and make more estrogen. After 40, Andropause, the male menopause kicks in and with it comes an almost total cessation in the production of testosterone! It's a safe bet that by 45 or 50 a man has more estrogen than his wife does! Physiological science now knows that it's this estrogen dominance that causes all of the ravages of middle age. The falling out hair, the swollen prostate, the loss of muscle mass, lowered fitness and increasing girth in the waist area are all signs of estrogen dominance. But the worst symptom of all is the lack erection size and lack of libido. Some would have you think that can all be cured by the "little blue pill", not hardly. Men's progesterone cream comes in containers with a pump that administers a measured dose. One full stroke of the pump = 10-mg of P. Use about half a measured squirt most days. When you emotions are high and your mood is low and your penis insists at only hanging at the 6:30 clock position, use the full squirt that day. If the area behind your testicles is sore and you are having trouble passing water or you have the after pee dribbles, that means your prostate is swollen, use a full dose for a week. (Also see your doctor; just make sure he's up to snuff on the latest hormone research, most docs aren't). When you mood is great, your libido is up and your pecker points to 12 o'clock, use only 1⁄4 of a squirt a day."