I discovered a way, by accident, to have extremely earth shattering pleasure, erections, and orgasms which put you into a state of hyper-sexuality for a day or two. I found this out because I was having trouble with my erections from anxiety and from over masturbation and I found that through abstaining from touching my penis and orgasming my sexual response becomes stronger and stronger for up to seven days. If I follow the seven day abstinence (which includes not touching my penis at all) with a day full of activity involving a lot of visual stimulus (hot girls) such as snowboarding or going to the beach, and then as late at night as possible when I am super sleepy masturbate for an hour or so to high quality erotica the sensations will be out of this world and so will the orgasm as well as my sexual performance and erection quality (10). It will literally last into the next day and put me into a state of hyper-sexuality where every girl looks attractive to me. If I masturbate again within the next few days the next two or three orgasms will also be extremely pleasureable and intense until I slowly phase back into a sexually satiated state. I am not sure what causes this phenomenon but I have a theory it has to do with the brain neurotransmitter dopamine and is highly related to the sleep cycle. The reason I think this is whats happening is because I can recreate these extremely pleasurable sessions on days where I didn't get enough sleep and am extremely tired later in the day even without the extended period of abstinence. Its almost like being in a trance where you are half asleep and half awake and I have read that dopamine is extremely high in this state. There have been cases where I have been able to maintain this extremely high level of pleasure from sexual stimulation using the seven day abstinence method followed by a masturbation routine of once every other day (1 day off). This routine allowed me to experience these mind blowing orgasms every other day for almost two weeks before returning to normal orgasms and a sexually satiated state. Has anyone experienced anything similar?