Not sure if this site has been mentioned before and it's been a while since I've logged in but I came across a few months back and didn't think to share it. It covers a lot of the sexual herbs and supplements that kingpole's posts recommend, plus a few new ones (since I've been on the site) like pycnogenol, citrulline, pure raw cacao, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, erection promoting diets and more.

Lots of scientific basis and references to his multitude of articles on the subject of men's health and the info looks researched and legit to me. Right now citrulline malate, cranberry juice, Korean ginseng, maca, fenugreek, pycnogenol w/ arginine are part of my sexual supp stack with great results. The site is worth a look at the very least and curious to see if it passes PEGym's 'quality test' for good information.

Happy PE'ing everyone!