Need advise.

I am 30 yrs old.I am married.

I am having some issues my Penis. It is not getting hard as per my normal routine and i feel there is decrease in my mood for sex.

It has happened few times from past one year. This is the third time. It happened during the first week of new year and then i started to run on my stepper machine for 8 km. I also started to eat right but i am seeig gradual decrese in my mood .

I was also having for a urine related issue for longtime and there was burning sensation and feeling of not empty bladder. Hence, two week i went to see the doc and was advised that i had UTI . I was given antibiotic levomac 500 once daily for 5 days.

I also discussed my sexual issue with the doc and doc ran a battery of test for hormones.

S prolactine 9.1 (3.6- 16.3)

S Testosterone 530.11 (256- 870)

My thyroid level was also normal.

The doc advised me to take rest and not think too much. Doc told me that medically, i am fine but my loss of urge is due to stress.

I was also advised Vitamine E, l carnitine and Ginseng for two weeks.

The issue is that i am not feeling the thing. My urges has reduced and i am looking for some answers.

Has anyone here faced the same problem?

I have had sex.. but my frequency has reduced , earlier i could have sex 3-4 times a week. Now i have to really think, if i am really feeling it or will i fail. My balls are not that heavy as it use too earlier.

The problem started last year in june when i suddenly found that my member has become lifeless. I was taking gupisone that time for my stuffy nose. At the sametime, i also encountered my urine problem.

Though now, after proper diagnosis of UTI, things r normal on that front, but my urges have reduced.