Guys let me tell you quickly my story and how I got to the point that I am right now.

Before months I was PEing and I was trying to stop watching porn (but I was failing at quitting porn once in a while). That means that the condition of my penis was like this:

-9/10 EQ but when I watched porn it dropped to 7.5/10
-libido extremely high but when I watched porn it dropped a bit
-flaccid was plump and I had a nice hang...and when I watched porn it wasn't thaaat long, but it was still soft and easy bending/stretching (i had never hard flaccid).

So, at 2nd march 2015 I joined the military. I thought that would be my chance to quit porn easily. The thing is, if I went 1 week without porn, I would have a 9.5 EQ all the time throughout the day and MAXIMUM libido...but since I joined the military, my penis is 24 hours a day flaccid and hard. I tried out some kegels and reverse kegels but nothing...I am really afraid...what is going on? My horniness should make me that I saw one picture of a hot girl and even though I felt horny, my penis was dead...