Sorry Knuckle but I can't be positive about steroids. I firmly believe that they will cause you and others great harm down the road. I know a few former professional athletes whose names you would know the minute I mentioned them and I see their suffering and what they attibute to.One can barely walk and needs knee replacements but due to steroid induced osteoporosis he cannot have them. His future is a wheelchair. I can't be positve about their use no will I judge you or anyone that uses them. I just cannot condone it.I told you to look up Jackxx in the chem pe section because, although a user and I disagree with him on it, he is smart. You seem young and he would be the right guy to tell you if you should use it or not.Why him? Well he's smart,he has experience, and if you don't know much about HGH he'll call you an ass and he'll tell you the problems you will have.I cannot condone it but before you try anything go talk to him. I cannot tell you why I know what I know about them but for your health and your life find another way to do what you seek!