I have this experience which surprised me:

First I bougth one brand of L'Arginine and used it for a few months. It was actually one of the most reasonable priced, and I liked it very well. After taking it each day (typically in the morning and in the evening) I would/will typically experience feeling a sudden horniness after approximately an hour. I'm not going to write the name of the product in case you will consider it an advertisement. Anyway, this L'Arginine powder is in the form of powder inside gelatine capsules. I always open gelatine capsules and pour the contents into my mouth. I have always done that, as I like health supplement melt in my mouth before swallowing them. I have that from an old notion that having a supplement in the mouth for a little moment, will increase the uptake. Anyway, I notice that this L'Arginine powder tastes quite salty.

Then I thought it would be nicer to have a larger amount of powder, so I bought NOW Sports' L'Arginine powder. I have been using it for two weeks now. I interchange by using the other L'Arginine and NOW's one. To my big surprise, I never feel any horniness at all when using the NOW's powder, but almost always feel a nice effect after ingesting the other powder.

It doesn't matter whether I take one of them in the morning and the other in the evening or the other way around.

I mentioned above that the first L'Arginine powder has a salty taste; the NOW's L'Arginine powder has this very dull and almost sickening taste (overcooked vegetables is the closest that I can compare that dull taste with).

So I began thinking about the chemical process to which substances are created, and the different agents that may be used in the process. There are several ways of making a product.

It made me wonder whether NOW's powder isn't as potent as the other one that I use? I realise that NOW has a high reputation, but that doesn't mean that any product from that brand must be excellent.

Typically is that I use a slightly heaped teaspoon of NOW's L'Arginine powder, but a lot less of the other L'Arginine powder (the one that tastes salty.) And the one I exerperience as potent is measured in milligrams just like NOW's.

I am quite surprised about the big difference I experience with these two different products.

Anyone else have experiences like I describe? It doesn't have to be about L'Arginine. I would like to hear your experiences.

And if it is allowed to mention the brand name of a product one likes, it would be nice that we could share what brand names we experience work well.