Here is a quick view on how much I gained in my PE journey
1st month 2nd month 3rd month
BPEL 5.5 6.25 6.3
BPEG 4.7 4.75 4.8
I would like to thanks JP for his wonderful beginner’s routines. It works for me but as u can see I don’t gain much on my third month of pe which is a bit disappointing. I really need to work on my girth. I only increased about 0.1 in girth, then about 9 month I may reach 5inch. My girth goal is bet 5.5-6inch.

Length on the other hand has increased more which is 0.8. Hope to hit 7inch at year end 2012. Keeping my fingers cross and I will work hard for it. I have a question here. Is it possible for me to grow without using any devices? I only use my hands.

What I have learned is to take things slower ‘less is more’. Initially, I was pretty excited about the regimen always get too hard/fully aroused but gradually I getting used to the whole pe thing. I experienced good EQ, morning wood and become hornier in my first month. I started out with 5on2off which is a little too intense for a newbie so I changed it to 2on1off. Tips: Listen to your body clues. I did see bumps appearing on my tool and it goes away fast. So, no big deal! Occasionally, my tool feels numb and it is hard to get it up which is a negative indication. This is where I taken rest for a few days. Proceed on when things get better. Remember always warm up before you start pulling and jelqing. It loosen up your muscles for effective stretching. I also added some edging in my routines to maximize gain.

Lastly, good lucks to all Peers out there in achieving your goal. Together we can make the differences.
Hope to hear from fellow Peers. Please do leave me comments or suggestions. Love to hear from you.
I will create my own log soon. Stay tuned.

Here it is