Hey fellas. Well, I am a bit in a hurry right now so I have 20 minutes to type this up. But I would love to tell you my experience with the Metabolic Typing Diet by william wolcott. A truly original thinker in the fields of nutrition, this man has brought attention to a very affective method. Metabolic typing. In just a few ridiculously long and probably redundant series of sentences (paragraphs I believe), let me sum it up for you guys.

It allows you to realize YOUR body's greatly individual metabolic and nutritional needs. Everyone is different on a biochemical level. This is why there is NO universal diet that has 100% success rate. Some people lose weight on some diets while others gain. Why? Because one man's food, is another's poison, essentially. You see, I have been reading this book, and have gotten up to the first questionaire. Realized I am a slow oxidating carb-type of person. That being said, I require a much higher ratio of carbs than protein and fats. The fact of the matter is, MY metabolism cannot handle the slow breaking down of utilization for energy that protein and fats have. I only slowly oxidate or BURN proteins and fats, yet they are still essential, in very small quantities for balance between my parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. So, because I naturally burn nutrients slowly, it is appropriate that I eat more carbohydrates in my diet, as they are more easily broke down in the body,and me being a slow oxidizer, I really need that.

So this is a very basic overview of metabolic typing. You also can fine tune your ratios accordingly in regards to how you feel, including energy levels, mood, etc.

In just a week of playing with my carb ratios, I started on day one of feeling slightly above how I normally feel, one of those decent days. Two days later, I experienced 3 consecutive days in which I felt the best I had EVER felt before. I used to think that these days were once every few monthsssss for me, as that is how they would come. Boy did I, and DO I still feel awesome.
Also, my digestion has picked up greatly. I have been constipated my entire life, crapping only once every 2-4 days, mostly every 3 days. I am going every day now, it is remarkable!

You'd have to read this piece in order to truly grasp the science and evidence behind it, but let me tell you, I am feeling incredible.

Think about it, if your body is given the highly neccessary tools it specifically needs to function optimally, then it will! The body KNOWS how to heal itself, it just requires the appropriate raw materials!!

Other things are included in this book, many things in fact. Such as one of the most important determining culprits, explained in the Dominance Factor, which explains which factor in your body truly dictates your metabolic needs, the leverage between your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems within the Automated Nervous System, or the rate of oxidation in your cells, (slow oxidation vs. fast oxidation). Difference in the dominance factor would justify the reason two people can be protein types but require different specific foods, vitamins, supplements, etc.

Keep this in mind as well guys. These are just the short term effects Ive gotten. Imagine the long term. Dissipation of anxiety, deppression, other mental illnesses. In addition to strengthened immunity, etc. Prolonged living, no need for caffeine, great sense of well being all the time, concentration optimized, and much more.

Many things effect metabolism sure, your environmental influences, such as climate, pollution, etc, along with other factors. In factm your metabolism may shift, especially with age. This is often why many older people see such difficulty in losing weight, live daily with lackluster energy levels and a "need" for caffeine, popping pills every morning, facing arthritis, and an array of infinate other disorders and illnesses.

Let's take a fully isolated African tribe, away from all modern influences and industry.

If yyou take a look at their people, their bone structures are remarkably superior to that of say Americans for example. Perfectly aligned jaws and teeth, musclar structure comparible to a seasoned and highly aware-of-diet-fitness-regimen athlete. Virtually NO birth defects ever. Illnesses we are stricken with yet they remain immune to. Hell, almost any illness is a rarity to them. Many of their people living well past one hundred years old, with no medical facilities for thousands of miles, or shelter that we as technoligically-needy babies, have. Men in their 80's that appear half their ae, if not less. What is their secret? A greatly kept one. Utilizing the correct foods for what THEY need. Their diets are greatly different to those consumed, by say, Eskimoes, whose diets are rich in whale blubber, great amounts of meat/protein, yet low in Carbohydrates. Where in africa, it is clearly the opposite. Hell many tribes, and Eskimoes, for a fact, don't even have the atrocious presence of, "Cancer", in their native language.

Not only can this change your life and spawn a climax of health you are 100% unfamiliar with, a feeling only abstract imagery can describe, this can EASILY assist in penis growth in my opinion.

I highly reccomend this book, it is undoubtedly one that will permanently change my life, and hopefully all of yours. Love you all, my brothers, and sisters, and I hope you heed this advice and if not now, maybe someday give it a whirl and some of your pateince, as it can accomplish great, great things