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So. She has follow up scan ever three months. Completed and read yesterday, all is well. Appointments today with her nerve surgeon and skin graft surgeon. They were both excited about her regain motion. Remember. She had her median nerve removed in her arm. Lost use of her thumb and a lot of feeling. The best nerve surgeon in the world wouldn’t settle for just getting the cancer out of her arm. She used the two still existing nerves and rewired her hand. Success!!! This was the first procedure of it kind, ever, never been attempted before. My girlie brought the pottery bowls she had made. They were in awe that one year after surgery she was able to make such a almost perfect bowl. One sits on the desk right now of her nerve surgeon. A Trophy. Job well done! Thanks Doc. Thank , Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. You are all the best.

BUT! That’s not all. The docs were very excited because this is just the beginning of helping people with nerve damage. For any reason. Not just cancer, bit injuries too. A breakthrough to be sure. The procedure has already been published and two videos of my girlie’s progress have been used at seminars, her pots included.


My girlie has has given her life to serving Him. Long before the nightmare began. She is in Seminary currently, couldn’t be prouder. I must admit I was angry at God. Her is my girlie giving her life to Him. And cancer? Really?

But maybe this happened in order to help others with nerve damage. Maybe He knew she was strong enough to go thru it. Her faith. The 3 surgeries, the radiation, the 3 months of Chemo.

I’m so proud of my girlie. And i love her so much.
I sincerely teared up at this post. I am so happy for you over your daughters new health and healing.... I'll continue praying for you father. I'm so sorry it often feels like we get good news only to have bad follow it again. Hang in there... follow you daughters example.. I'll be spending many a time down on my knees for your family party.