The Sedona method is an amazingly quick way to let go of negative emotions, and allow the positive, happy you which is always there below the surface, to emerge and shine.

Have you noticed how easily a baby moves from one emotion to another? One minute the baby is crying because she is too hot. The next minute, after her blanket is removed, she is beaming smiles. She let her feeling of anger at being too hot float away like a cloud.

As we grow up we lose this natural facility of letting go of emotions once they have served their purpose. We may start to replay them constantly, or we may stuff them down because they are too uncomfortable to deal with. Either way we tie up lots of energy up in perpetuating old emotions.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel as you quickly let go of fear, anger, sadness, apathy, resentment or any other emotion that feels uncomfortable.

How to release your feelings

1. Move from head to heart
Since you’ll be dealing with your feelings it makes sense to be working from the feeling area of your heart. Allow your attention to drop from your head to your heart area. You may find it helpful to direct a few breaths to your heart area to help make this transition.

2. Identify the feeling
Choose an issue that’s bothering you, and ask yourself:

As I consider <this issue>, what feeling is present right now?

Eg: As I consider <tomorrow’s presentation>, what feeling is present?

Answer: I feel afraid – fear.

TIP Avoid any temptation to go back into your head and start thinking… “I’m afraid I’ll dry up, and they’ll think I’m stupid, and then…”. The beauty of Sedona releasing is that you don’t need to get tied up with the complications of thoughts, you simply work with the feelings. As you release the feelings the thoughts fall away too.

TIP If it’s difficult to name the feeling, that’s OK, simply use a phrase like ‘this uncomfortable feeling’.

3. Welcome the feeling
The next step is to welcome the feeling as best you can. Ask yourself:

Could I welcome this feeling?

In a gentle way, allow the feeling to be as fully present as possible.

Notice what it feels like. For example you might feel anger as tension in your chest, or sadness as tightness in your throat. Or you may have more of an energetic sensation of constriction. Or you may not sense anything – that’s fine.

Sometimes the feeling releases after this step along!

TIP If it feels too scary to welcome the feeling fully, simply allow yourself to be in touch with the feeling as much as you can right now. If this is just the edge of, say, a strong anger, that’s fine.

4. Ask yourself three questions
Now you’re ready to ask yourself the three questions at the heart of the Sedona Method.

For all the questions, answer from your heart. This means trusting yourself to go with your ‘gut response ’.
For the first two questions, answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
Could I let this <fear> go?
Would I let it go?
TIP If your answer to questions 1. or 2. is a ‘No’, that’s fine. You may have released the feeling anyway; if not you can ask the questions again.

TIP If your thoughts start to intrude with explanations why you can’t let go, simply take your attention back to your heart area, and focus on your feelings.

4. Repeat as needed
Letting go of emotions is like unpeeling the layers of an onion. Sometimes the feeling goes quickly; other times you need to repeat steps 3. and 4. a number of times.

The good news is that once the feeling is gone, it’s gone forever! Any more fear surfacing around public speaking is anther aspect of the fear, which I can release in the same way.

The Delicious Nugget: With Sedona Releasing, letting go of emotions around an issue is surprisingly quick and easy. Simply: move into your heart area, identify the emotion present, welcome the feeling, then ask: Could I let it go?, Would I let it go?, When?