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Welcome. First off, never be ashamed of the ideals you set and maintained for yourself, you should hold your head high. My daughter is 24 and saving herself for her husband, she is in Semenary working to be a pastor. She has no potentials waiting in the wings and I've advised her to go out and have some fun. But she chooses not to, she comes from a very sexually open household. There are vibraters all over our bedroom, she ignores them like used laundry. She knows her mother and I never dated, just came home together after a Party, and 30 years later, here we are. Point being, you both have expectations about your first time, I will never be good, mine wasn't, but if you love each other, it will always be enough.
Thanks for sharing that! I admire your daughter's decision... it's refreshing to see someone not splurging at an all-you-can-sex buffet! Also, totally agree with the last sentence.