Hello, Ive been reading about PE for a few weeks now and decided to join the forum. This is my story.

I am 18 years old and never really thought about my penis up until recently when I started seeing this really beautiful and hot girl. I was so confused in the beginning because in our first more sexual interactions i would barely get hard. We never went very far and i avoided her to touch my penis because i was embarrased that it was soft. We have good chemistry and everything but when we start to make out and clothes come off i get anxious and im kinda stuck in this bad circle. Anyways things got a little better and i began to loosen up and erections came more frequently, but as we got more close to intercourse i would always lose my erection and just roll over to the side. Anyways one time I just decided it was time for me to stick it in because i really wanted to lose my virginity (pressure from friends etc.) so i stuck it in when i had maybe 60-65% erection. We had very short sex and i pulled out because of not being hard enough. Weve kept seeing each other but i still have this problem and we dont really go far, even though both of us really want to. She told me one of her exes was really big (she didnt say it was a good thing) but it stuck in my head and now i am also a bit concerned about my size and i am intersted in starting PE.
I am 16,5-17 cm BPEL
13 cm EG
I am a grower and i am actually more interested in flaccid gains.

But i have a question, i am only 18 and i was late in puberty. I still grow in body height (or maybe i just stopped) and feel as my penis will grow a bit more naturally. My dad has got a very big penis which also makes me believe i have some more growth to expect. Should i begin with PE?

My main problem is my erections, and i would gladly recieve tips for how to cope with performance anxiety but i am also interested in PE and if anyone has experience in starting young. I will now read everything i come across in the forum but if anyone could give some advice i would appriciate it alot!
Thanks in advance