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From Prostate cancer to the PEGYM

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  • From Prostate cancer to the PEGYM

    Hello all,

    I have been a member at the PEGYM for a little while. Somehow I went from JR., to member, with some green stars below, but really don't know how that happens.
    The way I found I the PEGYM was after I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have had Radical Prosectomy surgery.

    After that you get to experience severe ED. The surgery does sever nerves and capillary. Two months after my surgery,my penis had retracted so much that there wasn't much to gasp to urinate with any kind of aim.

    I went online looking for some answers and rehab programs. My urologist had discussed the use of a penis pump.

    To start with, I was 6x5" and with a enjoyable normal sex life.

    I have to have a medical certificate for my occupation. When I hit my forties, my blood pressure was somewhat high, so ended up establishing a relationship with a physician. Probably wouldn't have ever done that,but needed to get the BP under control to stay at my job. Since then I had annual blood tests, checking cholesterol and such, including a PSA .

    The PSA had spiked up, so got the biopsy, was diagnosed with prostate cancer but stage 1. Caught early. Diagnosis is good.

    Will throw this out, at 40,45,50,52, get your check up! Early or die.

    Since I'm on the cancer thing, my best friend had an irritated testical ,and a bump. You need to go to the hospital yesterday, this is very aggressive cancer.
    OK , back to the PEGYM.

    I Was getting concerned my sever ED and penis shrinkage, and looking around on line a lot and found the pegym.

    Hosted by a great bunch of gentlemen, I have found some fascinating aspects for ED, health, enlargement.

    Unbelievably, I have gone from severe ED, to some enlargement and some moderate EQ.

    Will post some of that journey at appropriate posts.

    God bless all, and your day be filled with wonderment!
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    Welcome back Richardwad, thanks for sharing, I am happy for your recovery, good luck, and keep up the good work!
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      Hey Richard!

      Thanks for sharing your story. The Gym provides lots of good information on how to improve EQ and restoring/gaining size. As for as ED is concerned, has a lot of guys discussing overcoming ED following prostate surgery.
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        Thanks, will check it out for sure.


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          An official welcome to the forum- and thanks for this touching post!
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            Timely indeed for all reading. I recently went through the prostate scare, biopsy and the nervous wait for the results. My story had a happy ending with no cancer but your story speaks to many of the importance of yearly check ups once your reach middle age. To you friend with the testicular cancer, know your body, be alert to changes and set up a relationship with your general doctor or in my case my urologist to monitor and keep tabs on things. Regular blood work will expose keys to prevention. A great thread and an important read for all regardless of your age.
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