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So you gained an inch in length and a half inch in girth and this wasn't quite what you expected? That sounds freakin fantastic to me! He'll, I've been doing this for 18 months and I've gained 7/8 inch in length and zero girth! Anyway, welcome and good luck!

Everyone is difference. Some have high LOT where extending ligaments are far easier; and some have thinner tunica, cavernosums, where gaining in girth is more easier as well. The first I have high LOT so gaining about an inch in 6 months was not that hard but I did spend about a year time after 6 months cementing the length with traction wrapping to boot. Why allow my ligaments to go back?
The second one I have to work for. My lower region it not that hard because the tunica is not that thick but upper region it a b*tch where I can actually feel the difference in tunica thickness. No penis it 100% equal in fibers. Knowing where on the penis you will have isssues it where you focus most of your attention.