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Interesting topic!

Want jump in here..

Im not so sure about that.(bold marked)
I think there is much more give on the vertical axis at least when it comes to the vaginas entrance. The horizontal axis is limited by more hard material(bones).
With childbirth you also want to have the head of the child being vertical and not horizontal.
Also think of vaginal double penetration or multiple dildos. You rather autmaticly stack them on the vertical axis then on the horizontal.

On the other hand you are right when it comes to more impact/sensation on the wider side. But then again this could be cause there is less give on the horizontal side and thus more "friction". Im speaking of the opening. Not so sure about the internals.(you have more give there into all directions once you are in)

My midsize girth is wider then the base and below the head. I think this makes for a good "sealing" once Im inside.
Through clamping my CS got much bigger at the base which creates more stretch on the height/vertical side. Agree also on the clit beeing moved more by more horizontal spread.

In the quest to get more size, but trying to not gain so much as to make it uncomfortable for the vagina, I aim for more base girth and especially more "height"/vertical to be able to accomodate more dick.

I agree with OP that a top down view onto a wider dick then "higher" dick gives the impression(!) of a bigger dick.


Bending down and to the sides can create more width(CAUTION!) as it seems to target the CC more. The CS which makes up much of the visual height seems to be effected by bending into the opposite direction.

I think I got my wider midshaft by having frequent erection during puberty having my dick in tight undies that bend it down(towards the anus so to speak). Creating an erect down bend exercise right at the midgirth.

My width midsize is around 5 cm and I not necessarily want it to be much bigger as I think it will lower at some point my chances to insert easily.

Btw. In germany, on swinger portals, they always measure only width. But I think all over girth still counts much more then meets the eye.
Is cool that I have been doing that without know it xD