Hi everyone, lately Ive been focusing on doing things to heighten my solo sexual experiences, from taking a few supplements (mega dose of multivitamin, Swedish flower pollen, fish oil, and water), to anal/prostate play, as well as some edging and testicle play, as well as abstaining from ejaculation. When I abstain from ejaculating for a while I usually ejaculate some amount when Im going to the bathroom, specifically #2. This usually happens around the 10 day mark and may continue for a few days, then not longer occurs. From my reading this is fairly normal for people who usually ejaculate frequently but then abstain for a number of days. So Im providing enough details there is really no pleasure from the ejaculation and it typically happens after the BM and right after the pee, when you go to flex your PC muscule to try and squeeze out the last little bit of pee. Up till now Ive only ever ejaculated a little amount, but the last two days (day 10 and 11 into the abstaining) its changed a little bit. Last night I had to pee quite badly (no #2) and I could feel my prostate was quite tense and felt like it does when one is about to cum. Then after my pee was finish I was able to flex my PC muscle 4 or 5 times and was able to cause ejaculate to come out with each squeeze. There was a fair amount maybe 1/3 of a normal volume, again no please other than experiencing something new. As there was no BM to put pressure on my prostate Im wondering if others have experienced this? and if so do you know any additional ways of controlling or being able to squeeze and force ejaculate out of the prostate?

Which sorta leads me into my next question, can anyone explain how prostate milking works. Ive tried some anal play/prostate play with fingers/toys/aneros etc and really cant make myself cum anywhere near as much as I do when I go to the bathroom. Ive seen many videos of guys online using things like large dildos and they are able to leak multiple large amounts. Is there some trick to milking? Trying to pee? trying to relax the PC? Try to contract the PC? Im just unclear. It seems like my most successful way of ejaculating any resonable amount of volume is when I either have a BM, then pee, then flex my PC, so it seems like the valve that controls urine flow needs to be open and the prostate somewhat stimulated (either by flexing or something passing/rubbing it) when this happens then it seems like I can have ejaculate released.

Any thoughts or advise would be great