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penis resistance training

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  • penis resistance training

    so, flexing the cock muscle pushes the cock towards the belly button, this is the movement i'm referring to.

    has there been any experiments with standing, then flexing the cock upward with resistance? Say pushing your hand downward upon the cock while your cock slowly pushes upward. This could be done with wieghts, but using a hand may be more convient, just less easy to quantify results in penis strength gained over time.

    surely this has to do something to your cock? anyone try this over several months? this is the most intuitive ways to train the penis in my opinion so i'm assuming someone has had to have tried this. Very interested to hear results whether if null results were received or if growth in penile tissue. Thanks.

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    Yes, one variation is called the towel raise, but some guys use other objects with different weight. You can find out more by searching this site for it.
    Start: BPEL 6.75', EG 5.8", BPFL 4.5", FG 4.7", BPFSL 7.0"
    05/2021: BPEL 7.65, EG 6.0, BPFL 5.8, FG 5.0", BPFSL 8.0"
    Goal: BPEL 8.0", EG 6.0", BPFL 5.75" FG 5.0", BPFSL 8.5"


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      This exercise is not normally done for growth more commonly to strengthen eq .


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        Hang weight off your penis and lift, bro
        "I will lick my dick"