Mc Dong. I cannot thank you enough! I read your post a few days ago and decided to give it a shot because the Python Extra wasn't really doing anything. The suggested dosage is 2 a day and 3-4 90 minutes before sex. I took my first 2 yesterday around lunch time and didn't really notice anything. I took 2 more today during lunch and again did nothing for my libido but then my girlfriend called me saying she would come over after work (giving me about 2 hours to take 3-4 pills) and HOLY CRAP did it work wonders! I'm not sure if it does anything for my libido but I got erection as soon as she sat on my lap and it stayed super hard throughout sex and even afterwards. I lasted alot longer than usual, so much that my girlfriend was pleasantly surprised. I probably went for 45 minutes without stopping and stayed hard after i came and wanted to go again but my gf had to be somewhere so couldnt go for round 2.

That type of erection and sex drive is what i've been missing for some time. I'm not sure what it was that made these pills work but i researched a little on its ingredient EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA JACK. So far its seems that nothing is conclusive but it is known to help with ED and sex drive. Anyone know more about this?