Btw I also found these two other ways:

1) The Mushroom Head Exercise:

The first step is to achieve a relatively hard, but semi soft erection.
Lubricate your penis and then, using the first two fingers of your left hand, squeeze the shaft of the penis at the base with a scissor action. This traps the blood in the shaft.
With your right hand, form a OK sign with your thumb and forefinger. Grasp the penis at the base and milk it slowly towards the glans. Continue to do this whilst maintaining constant pressure at the base, with your left hand.
Occasionally stop using your right hand and grasp the whole shaft of the penis and squeeze tightly as though you were strangling a snake. You will find that the glans will expand to a size you probably haven't seen before.
For this method, and the pump method to work, the exercise has to be done daily for quite some time, depending on the individual.

2) For best result, you should have a full erection. If it is flaccid, masturbate yourself until your penis is in an erect state. Apply liberal amounts of lubrication to the skin and head of your penis. Place your left hand at the base of your penis with a firm grip. Then place your right hand up the shaft of your penis below the head and gently move the left hand at the base of the penis upward towards the right hand at the top. When the two hands are close together, gently move the left hand back again to the base of the penis and be sure you don't let go both hands while performing this exercise.

Can anyone let me know if these techniques are rubbish?

Cheers guys.