A few days ago I was reading about contrast showers for speeding up recovery after (general, non-dick related) exercise.

To put it succinctly, you alternate as hot and cold as you can stand in the shower at a ratio of 2 to 1 for time, so two minutes hot one minute cold, say. Every time you do this creates a cycle: the hot opens up capillaries in your flesh and organs, everything expands and blood flows in. The sudden cold then forces that blood deeper as everything contracts down through the flesh to protect your organs and core structures (a survival response to extreme cold) this creates a cycle. Back to hot and more blood comes in, then push it down and so on. The shower ends on a cold burst.

The end result is a reduced recovery time between workouts, essentially increased healing.

Fast forward to today and muggins here (that means me) burns himself taking a cup out the microwave. I go to run it under a cold tap and remember the contrast shower technique. Hot as I can stand, then cold. I do about 6 cycles at a quick pace (because it's only fingers, doesn't take long to heat them through). I can feel the blood rushing deeper with every cold burst, and fresh feeling coming back under the hot.

It's a few hours later now, and it's like it never happened. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad burn, but it felt it at the time and now I feel nothing. A slight warmth maybe, but no pain or redness or swelling.

Has anyone ever applied this to PE? It seems like it'd be relevant to the ideas of increased blood flow, microscopic damage and healing over time and so on. I've seen various regimes of warm and cool downs, but never this cycling method as anything other than therapy for a strain or injury.