Penis infection?
I have really been worrying the last week about this and it's kind of getting me down. I am 18 and only started cleaning my glans about 2 weeks ago upon being informed I had to. My penis is completely clean now with in my opinion no smegma. I don't expierience any irritation burning or soreness. I do not expierience any white or yellow discharge but my penis sometimes smells fishy. Also when leaving my foreskin retracted the skin on the glans looks very dry and I can see the skin wrinkle. My urethra is slightly red, this red bit runs down to the frenulum.

Sorry for the long post but is my penis ok?

Additional information: I am a Virgin and my foreskin does not retract fully when erect however I am working on it. Thanks for any help, like I said I am worried if I have an infection.