Hey fellas,

I've got an issue that I'd like to get some opinions on; Hopefully some from experience that have had success recovering. I'm 20, My penis size is sub-average, and in doing research for a possible post-pubescent fix I stumbled upon this site and jelqing. About 7ish months ago I gave jelqing a try for acouple weeks. I noticed part way through that I was getting less erections which I saw as a good sign ironically (I always got an abnormally high amount of erections because of how small I am - would get them just walking around or if I had to pee all the time. Was always nervous going out to the beach/lake wearing just a swim suit because of this). It made me think "hey maybe I'm starting to grow a little. I don't have to deal with those annoying ass random erections either."

I ended up quitting after some weeks because I noticed a very slight pain after my last session. I obviously was doing something with my technique wrong. After quitting, when I master-bated, I noticed much less sensitivity and I had to heavily target my foreskin to get feeling. I would also lose any morning wood or sexual desires for about a week each time I masterbated. It took about 6 and a half months for my dumbass to realize I had an issue that isn't curing itself. It seems like over those months things have worsened a bit. I knew I had lost a bit of sensitivity but now A LOT of sensitivity has gone and achieving an erection is more difficult and much less satisfying. *PS: I still can get a normal erection. My lack of erections is due to the huge lack of sensitivity in the shaft and foreskin I now have. I have quite a few white spots scattered on my foreskin since jelqing that seem permanent so I figure that may have something to do with blood vessel damage. I'm not sure if there's also some nerve damage and scar tissue but I would definitely assume some nerves/nerve ending have been damaged.

I haven't seen a doc because I've seen what others in similar situations have said about their urologist visits. "Take this pill it will help with your erections".

After quitting jelqing, I still masterbated maybe weekly as stated above up until about a month ago when I decided I have a very serious lingering problem. I've quit all activity down there for the last month and began taking B12 and Acetyl L-Carnitine. I read that both help with nerve repair. I had a thought that's been on my mind(I have know knowledge on this topic so I could be totally wrong), might DHT topical cream help rebuild some sexual nerves or whatever I damaged? If so, I might try seeing an endocrinologist or Urologist to work a prescription out of them. Hoping you guys might have some other knowledge and suggestions on supplements/topical healers/home remedies or anything else that may help bring back my sensitivity. I really appreciate the time and guidance, thanks.