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I strongly advise everyone here to read my thread on cannabis induced HF and optimism. I have practically made a full recovery in a week. It’s not just marijuana, but I think many drugs trigger this.

Credit to Romero MD, stating cannabis can deactivate the Parasympathetic nervous system and increase your fight/flight response. I know from my meditation that certain techniques can activate the PNS.

So I have totally cut out caffeine so I am not triggering the fight or flight response. Lowering anxiety and stress is key. Anything to lower cortisol will help. I have been doing all the stretches, rolling out, RK’s, IC training and breath work. The breathing involves long, slow inhaled through your nose and longer, shower exhales out your nose.

Tight muscles are key, but since I’ve been doing the breath work my muscles are not that tight. I need less stretching and spend a quarter of the time rolling out as I used to.

The reason I think this issue is all about the PNS, is that I’ve even PE’d the last two weeks and have not had a setback. Morning wood every morning and full erections. My only issue is not lasting as long in bed but I will work on that with kegeling when I deem it safe.

I’m no expert on the human body, but I assume that when the PNS is so inactive, we are in a chronic state of stress which triggers these muscles around the pelvic floor to tense up all the time. I don’t think PE was the cause but a catalyst, and the marijuana in my case, was the trigger. Please give it a read and implement the breathing, as well as cutting out caffeine and anything that triggers cortisol.

Keep the faith everyone.
We have been pushing the importance of the mental side for some time . The physio also constantly state it . The sufferers themselves resist this knowledge.