I have a bump on my right shaft that will appears when flaccid. It causes me to bend to the LEFT when erect which is the opposite side of my bump. It appears more after ejaculation but not light masturbation to keep blood in my penis. It has not caused me any problems and I don't want it to down the road. No pain. Still can get hard and penetrate. Just not visually pleasing to me.... I believe it is
1) lymph vessel clogged or destroyed or something. It is horizontal on right side
2) my right shaft is bigger than my left shaft, so that's why my erect penis goes to the left because the extra tissue is being filled with blood and the right side will be longer.
3) very very minor Peyronie's disease but usually if it's on the right of the shaft the penis bends right, not left.

Steps I've taken to stop this
1) I'm not ejaculating but masturbsting lightly with "EVO oil" with ginger and way more essensial oil than the creator recommended
2) active life style to keep blood pumping nice and smooth. Happy body happy penis.
3) and most recently I've started taking 95% curcumin (the powerful antioxidant In turmeric), turmeric root, ginger root, honey goat weed, fish oil and my diet consists of almonds, pumpkin seeds, carrots, bananas, and my power move which is a mixture of lemongrass, Rosemary, lemon thyme, chives, basil (purple and lime basil), basil flowers, lavender, lavender flowers mixed with frozen berries, more bananas, honey, water, and coconut oil. All my herbs are fresh from my garden. Of course that isn't ALL I eat but it's damn close. I'm hoping after a few weeks this diet will help me lots and assisted by my other things