Hello guys, approximetaly year ago during usual manual stretching session, I've foolishly injured my penis. I was stretching at about 50% erection level and all of sudden without experiencing any pain, I've noticed that my penis has shrinked and was completely loose at base. Consequences of this injury are:

- Penis feels different. When flaccid it feels squishy and spongy when hard, shaft is hard while glans is deflated.

- Flaccid is now smaller for about 0.3inches because head is now much smaller than it was before. Glans feels disconnected, can't push blood into it. It feels like something is blocking blood from filling it.

- Morning and spontaneus erections are rare. Even if I get one, penis get hard at about 70%. If i want to get full hard I need to rub glans.

- Glans is deflated during erection while shaft is really hard. I need to rub glans in order to expand it. If I stop rubbing it glans deflates.

I've tried with resting, ginko balboa and l-arginine pills but to no avail. I suspect that I've damaged pelvic floor and I plan to go to urologist. I realize that this is serious injury and I am curious if anyone here had similar injury and if they've managed to recover from it. Thanks in advance.