I've had this for under a year it's only been the right side of the penis that has been numb and then the HF symptoms were there a lot but recently I learned about the IC muscle so I was trying to locate that on my own (I think I should have just stuck to what Romero MD said about using a towel or for me starting out a light piece of clothing to train with) but I think I was also kegeling at the same time by accident.

I now have a hard flaccid penis almost never except if I am lifting heavy weights so that is great progress there but now the whole penis is numb and I can feel the perineum, it is super tight so I think I was exercising that on accident. Now when I orgasm everything is so tight and just feels like it will pop and I don't know how to reverse this.

TLDR: I think I was making some good progress then I maybe did some kegels which I think are obviously not good for this situation, how do I reverse this and get loose / natural again? I'm going to only train with the light cloth then move up to towel like Romero said, keep exercising the legs a bit, and still work on my stretches.