Hey guys, having read both of the horror stories of both Tesla and Lostintorture, does anyone know anything about any of them ? did anyone recover ?

I am in a similar condition and trying to figure out what is the cause of my problem aka if I do have some physical damage or not. As for the state of mind, I am doing great, no feeling of depression whatsoever.

What happened to me : I got injured from PE, yes I do believe it is extremely dangerous, unlike some people write around here, PE comes easily on google, after you search how to make penis bigger, so people like me , lost in torture, tesla, etc. will not jump to forums like these and just do the exercise that google brings up as summary : pull your penis.

What I did is that one night I got erect, full erect and I used full force with my right hand to pull my penis for 4-5 minutes, when I say full force, just imagine I am a body - builder. Had no pain, had no swelling, nothing.

Now, I got no erection for a year and eventually things started to come back. Even so, erections are not like before and I suspect I have some lost feeling / sensation too. That's why I am looking for tests, doctors to see what is going on down there and reading such threads it's awesome, because one can find out that there are people with similar issues, however I would focus more on finding answers then debating with someone that it's all in his head.

We barely have a broad spectrum of tests for Penis issues in 2020 so we're doing very bad at this medical area imho, looking for doctors that can test penis / pelvis nerves and such is not easy, as most urologists do 1-2 tests and there you go, home, all in your head.

The subject is complex and I recently found out about Penile Numbness / ED resulting from Pudendal Nerve Entrapment by own research. Be honest, how many urologists do you think that are aware of these type of issues ? 1-2 , nada ?


I bet close to none in your area, we have a lot to learn about the Penis and about penile issues.