So here is the thing... my penis already has big girth but it also has many blood vessels (veins) 'sticking' out on it's surface. Sometimes i wonder that it looks ugly. I didn't see many penises like mine on pics videos etc and i noticed that there is mostly one big vein on top of other people's penises.
When i started jelqing i somewhere read that it should be done with both hands (at the time when i was beginner). But after some time i noticed that jelqing with left hand causes my biggest vein (that starts from the base and goes to the right and mid shaft) hurt. That means when my hand passes over it, the friction and pressure make it squeeze and hurt a little bit. I tried changing position of hand but that affects my wrist and overall comfort. So is it ok if i continue to jelq with one hand? Do you guys have large vessels on penis and thus some experience and opinions?