I had these irritated sensitive lumpy cracks in the skin / red things on my glans and ridge and some slight swelling/donut effect just right before the glans on the shaft that I think possibly came from an antibiotic*I took (balantits from a fixed drug eruption possibly?), or possibly from stretching to measure my flaccid length and gripping just underneath the glans/ridge, as I also did this. I also felt moisture that seemed like it was coming from underneath the skin on my glans, shaft, and ball sack after the stretching. I started taking the antibiotics on that same day I did that stretch to measure, went to sleep that night, and then the next morning woke up with this.

Well I left it alone for about 5 days or so and it started to slightly get better and the swelling started to go down (kept taking the antibiotics)but then I smoked some green and I stupidly had sex with my gf because It was so hard to resist while high I guess.

During having sex it was a little painful/pleasureable at the same time, but after sex i had a little bit of blood coming from one of these little cracks on my glans and a donut effect/swelling on my shaft just right before the ridge/glans and it went into a hard flaccid. My penis also keeps going into a hard flaccid state after this.

Ive made a docters appointment but it's some time away. Has any of this happened to anyone else? Does this just sound like irritation that originally formed from manually streching or maybe from the antibiotics? Or maybe a combination of doing both of these on the same day?

Im starting to get paranoid of an std also, I know herpes can leave blister/lesions, but does anyone know if chlamydia or gonorrhea can leave those types of symptoms?