So 1 month ago I over masterbated one day and knew I over worked my penis. I waited 2 days before masterbating again and when I did my penis felt very dull and sensationless, also my erection felt very loose and I could move it around freely. My penis was also dark and discolored on the left side of my shaft, the discoloration spot is very rough/scaly to the touch. I also developed hard flaccid. All of this had me very worried so I decided to not masterbate or gain a voluntary erection.

Here I am 1 month of still not masterbating and my penis has made minimal improvements. I am too scared to masterbate again so it's hard to see how much it improved. I still have the hard flaccid which is what I'm stressed most about. The discoloration/rough patch on the left side of my shaft is also still there. Two weeks ago I was having a lot of involuntary erections and aroused feelings but those have stopped since I am stressed about this. I also may have a slight case of Peyronies since my erection seems to curve.

I have spent hours of obsessively researching different supplements and ways to heal my penis and my hard flaccid. This has sky rocketed my anxiety which I already had. I have researched a lot about hard flaccid and the pelvic floor since I also started feeling spasms near my pubic bone. I am going to see a therapist and get on medication to lower my anxiety and calm down.

I would love some advice and encouraging words to get through this difficult time. Here are the main questions I have which you don't have to answer if you have another comment/thought. Should I try masterbating again to see how much my penis has improved or wait much longer? Should I be using something like vitamin e oil to try to get rid of the discoloration and scaly skin on my penis? Any supplements that you would recommend? Any extra ideas or plans for me to heal are appreciated.