How long has it taken you to correct any severe curvature issues? I have a downward curve, slightly more extreme than a banana. It is slowly getting better, but slowly. My particular curve, when I am fully hard, is quite difficult to reverse direction. Usually, getting it into a straight position is actually the most I can take it, unless I am 90-95% than I might get a couple degrees upwards. My erection starts slightly upward at the base, slowly curves and is 'kind of' straight, then begins a more downward angle. A banana is likely the best example / analogy I can think of. I don't have pain during sex, though positions that straighten it or cause an upward curve can become uncomfortable.

I've done PE / jelqing off / on over the years, just not consistent though looking at some old photos / video, it does appear I have straightened it some..and I imagine its directly related to any types of exercises / stretching I have utilized. I don't do much jelqing anymore..most of my exercises revolve around self clamping (at my base) and semi to erect bends.

Yes, I have been safe and I listen to my cock / body.

As weird as this sounds, I feel like my dick has compartments. I don't have peyronies that I am aware of, but was diagnosed as a baby as having chordee which can be similar. But I have noticed I have areas in my penis that have more 'folds' or 'creases' if I am doing types of erect bends. Almost like weak points that 'give' over other areas that feel thicker or more dense. I try to stray from folding at these creases and instead try to create an entire shaft compression. To do this, I have to apply slight downward pressure on the base part of the shaft, making it more parallel to the ground (assuming I was standing, though I usually do this while sitting, you get the point). I then use my other hand to bring up the remainder of the shaft, creating quite a bit of tension in the ligaments and tissues. I do this just shy of being uncomfortable. I often feel tension beyond my balls (near my ass) and sometimes the very inner thighs, in the ligaments. Especially if I have straightened it, and brought it left against my thigh and right against my thigh (I know this is a particular stretching technique seen on here). Doing the above is one method. The other method is more of clamp variation. The above I push down on the base with my right hand and lift with my left. The second variation I use my left hand, upside down, and clamp the base using the O technique of my thumb and pointer. I bring my right hand underneath the remainder of the shaft and raise it. The compression / clamp creates a lot of internal pressure that I feel along the underside of my penis, especially near the underside base. I feel a hard stretch...scar tissue? shorter ligaments? I'm not sure. While inverting my curve upwards, often the curve will be exaggerated because the top of my penis has met resistance against the left side of my left hand, further enhancing the stretch.

These are really the only two exercises I do for PE right now. If I measure along the top, I come out around 8.4" NBP. When I straighten it, I end up near 8" NBP. I have about 1/4" to 1/3" of fat pad. My girth is currently 5" mid and upper shaft, and my base is closer to 5.5". My 'condition' I believe gives me a somewhat flatter shaft appearance from the side. So I do believe over time, I may see some girth enhancements and a slight length increase with these exercises.

I can probably do a video at some point to further depict these and my particular curve issue but wanted to know if other members have fixed curves. I don't mind my curve, it has just been a bit too extreme for my liking, visually. But I do know it creates great pleasure during sex as well as g-spot stimulation.