I've been jelquing at irregular intervals for the past week or two.
Everything was fine till i jelqued two days ago.
I used a warm cloth to warm my penis up for about 8 minutes.
Then i did various stretches for about 5 minutes.
And then i jelqued for about 10-14 minutes,i was about 40-60 % hard mostly,but at some points it may have gotten harder.(Normal ok grip mostly,and about 10-20 reverse/inverted ok grips)
I warmed down as well,i was in a hurry to go somewhere so,i couldn't cool it down for more than 2 minutes tops.

the flaccid penis is hanging great,but i notice a reduction in the size of the erect size.
And my penis kind of feels flat horizontally,i mean the vertical roundedness is kind of gone.
It seems smaller now.

What should i do?
And i just turned 19,i don't know if the information would be of any help though.

It measured to a bit over 15 cm non bone pressed,and exactly 17 cm when i would press the ruler hard against the bone. But today,it measured to just about 14 cm when erect (non bone pressed)
And i think that i might have jelqed when almost fully erect.
My blood veins aren't popping like they used to.
And the cylindricalness of the penis is almost gone.
What should i do to get back what i had?
I'm really worried.

Any help would be appreciated.