So I've been dealing with hard flaccid for three weeks and it's been getting softer so I've come to terms with that.

But since today I noticed the head of my penis is somewhat white which I mistook as lotion and just one small area was kinda red almost raw-like similar to a scab peeled a little early. Around my tip sometime after noticing it start itching which has gone away.

Can someone tell me if thats correlated to the hard flaccid. Also I have two veins the main one on the upper right side of penis that's really prominent and it shows all the way to the tip. Is this worrisome?

All I can say is wow; I plan on telling my mom if she can take me to the hospital to check it out which I wanted to wait once I got this job. Ahh how awkward " hey mom, think I got some infection on my semen pole".