So I've been doing JP90 for almost 3 weeks. Everything is going well except that sometimes I feel a slight pain in what seems like my ligaments while jelqing. Mostly on the right side behind my balls, but sometimes on the right side at the base of the penis. I'm not in pain during the entire session, it just happens from time to time. Usually, I'll back off for a few seconds or loosen my grip and it goes away for a bit. Also, I don't hurt or have lingering pain after

I'm not so sure what to do. I've already gone from 5-on/2-off to 2-on/1-off and finally 1-on/1-off. I also feel like my grip is not overly firm and my lube is good. Are these normal pains? Or should I try taking a week off or something? I've read a bit about injuries that can happen, and I definitely don't want to cause anything serious to happen!