My first foray in to all this was to by an Andro penis extender. What a laugh that was. My dick slipped out all the time, it hurt, the device stuck out mile even through baggy clothes, and it actually fell on to the floor at work while I was walking along the corridor. Luckily no one was around. Utterly impractical.

Since then, I have focused on a PE routine consisting on introductory level jelqs and stretches. But I still feel there is something in all day stretching for me, so I began to look at Xleeve and VacExtender and others.

But I don't want to spend loads more money, so last night I had a go at making an ADS that would be comfortable, stealthy and would allow upward and downward stretching, and I am very happy with the results.

There is nothing new in the design, so while I'm here, thanks and credit to those who innovated this type of thing.

I'll tell you what I did, and if there is any interest, I will post pictures and detailed instructions. For now, the ingredients & outline:

1 boot lace (brand new
1 elastic band
1 4" x 4" strip from a fitness band (pennies on ebay)
2 twist ties

Basically this is a swimcap method, tried and tested by many. I wrap the rubber sheet around my thumb, and roll it up half way, then just roll it down over the glans. You don't have to push it, the grip of the rubber will take in the glans as you roll. At first there is a little pinch, but you get good at it quickly.

I cut the bootlace in two lengths, one to fashion an upper body harness, and one to go around the leg for down stretches. The upper body harness doesn't go around the neck, which my wife would see. Instead it's more stealthy, and loops over the back of each shoulder. Hard to explain.

Because there I use my thumb to roll the rubber, it can be put on quickly and easily anywhere and the whole setup fits into a back pocket. The main benefits of fitness bands vs swim caps, are that you can buy a set of bands in a range of grades and experiment finding the right grade and size of sheet, because you have more than you will ever need.

Like I said, nothing new here, just in case anyone is cheap like me and wants my recipe. I'm wearing it now and I can't feel it. Again, my wife doesn't know