I am 27 years old and mine is curved to the left and down - I wouldn't consider it a severe as it is no more than 20 degrees or so but, without a doubt, it will be more than better if I can straightening it out.

I tried some massaging and wearing еlastic underwear but I have read some bad stories that playing too much with hands could turn me into a wanker and elastic underwear is not good for testicles health.

What do you think about penis stretching devices? I see there are many but most of then promise increase in size which is not what I am looking for and.... guys, do these actually work? And which one is best? Looking on product pictures I barely notice significant difference between genetics or x4 for example - are these two made by the same corp who just want to sell the same thing under two names?

Based on my research the main difference between different stretchers is the way you attach it to the penis, is this right? Is what they call stap more comfortable than silicone loop?

I am lost!

According to this website I dont have peyronies as I think I was born this way so, should I follow their advice? Should I trust what I read online or .... better give up and live with it as it is? I can have sex but my last partner complained that she felt some discomfort because of the pressure to vagina walls - I am not sure if it was because of my penis size and shape but I dont want this to happen again.