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    has anyone used the autoextender vacADS or the pmDEVICE penismaster stretcher? I'm curious as to which would be more comfortable for hours of wearing. I'm guessing the end result of months of use would be about the same. I've read before about a guy who used an xtender with rods/noose and gained an inch in length in 4 month of wearing it about 6-8hrs. a day. It seems like the vacADS would be more comfortable.
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    You'll get different opinions on this. The truth is it just depends on what you feel more comfortable with. Some men like the PM Device. Others like the Max Vac Extender and the VacExtender ADS... and some even like the loop extenders (which is potentially dangerous). The PM Device and vac-type extenders get the best reviews on the forums.
    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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      From my own experience, which is based on using many different devices, the extenders are for the most part all the same. Speaking about the extenders with rods, nooses, and/or straps. Some men claim to actually be able to wear them for several hours at a time.....but I've never been able to find a way that did not cut off blood flow to my glans, and cause numbness. Not to mention when the noose/strap is removed, it feels like tape being ripped from skin. If you wrap the noose/strap for 'comfort', you sacrifice grip usually. That is, if you're using the tension rods with enough tension to provide results. You have to stretch your penis beyond your normal erect length to produce results. The little springs in the rods on these things do not provide enough tension. I think most of the gains men DO see from these devices are "newbie" gains that would normally be seen from any decent manual exercise routine without losing the money you would on a device like this.


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        thanx for the info guys. i need to find out how much the vacADS sells for. I came across another stretcher similar to the vacADS at a site called ", but their stretcher is close to $400.00. OUCH!


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          if you want the best value for your money don't forget to also look into: you'll have a quality product made by someone who's not going to dissapear and it can be used as either a hanger or stretcher.


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            Basic Extender Question

            This might seem silly, but how active can you be while wearing an extender? Can I walk around? Can I sleep?

            I'm advanced PE, have just invested in a pump...... but am considering an extender too, if it's not too inconvienent.


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              I've been in the PE game for more than 8 years and over that time have bought 4 different extenders only one of which I would recommend. This is a history over a period of years....
              I have a JES and a Size Genetics have noose grip for the glan, which i upgraded for both to the strap style from a hybrid supply site called X4 something (can't remember). I upgraded to the strap to increase comfort to be honest no matter what you do you few people can wear these for hours on end without serious discomfort. Out of these 2 the Size genetic is the better, has links which you add as you go, where as the Jes as spring screw system which you whined out. I had the Jes first but bought the Size Genetics because the Jes was so uncomfortable, the SizeGen is has a marginally more comfortable base, and I did prefer the link system to extend, but that personal preference.

              The next one I tried was completely different, is call the static stretcher, this works better then the above 2 mainly because if the soft parts, the base is made of a cloth they have lots of videos on their website you can watch regarding their products. They offer 2 versions, the light static stretcher and the heavy duty version which has a vac-head for extra grip.Personally I'm against any kind of vac system as they can lead to blistering problem regardless of how careful you are. This can put you out of action for weeks at a time. However, it's just one of the many option they have with their system as its multi-functional as an ADS (All day stretcher) or ANS (All night stretcher) be very careful with the latter.
              Getting back to this extender, the advantage is that you can definitely spend longer periods wearing this system, but I found that you do tend to slid back into the grip pad as the day progresses, you can't slip out of this one, only slip back. See videos of this device and you will understand what I mean. What I do like very much about this one is that is multifunctional. You can use the gripping wraps and the straps in various set-ups as a light ADS or ANS which makes this one the better purchase in my opinion.

              The final one is from the autoextender website, its their version of the production extenders(they're all much the same) but I'd say much improved. They have the version with the vac grip (which I would avoid for reasons above) they have recently come out with a new clamp style grip, I have both. Basically there is no comparison with the production extenders on the market, whilst these one offer pulling force in gramms, the autoextender is in pounds, according to them up to 10lbs!! I can personally vouch for this, I had the vac grip first and upgarded to the clamp-grip later. With the vac grip tends to slip a bit as you extend where as the clamp does not, and the pull is somehing else, they have a v-stretch blocks you can put under the extender for a the tunica and septurn stretch very intense! It's recommended that sets should only be for between 10 and 12 minutes at a time, then you can whined it back down into ADS mode. The big dis-advantage with this one is you can't be wearing it all day, its too bulky, maybe round the house if you have the privacy. But to their credit they have I believe the best ADSes on the market,vac and grip versions see there web site they also have videos.

              I have been hanging with weights now for nearly 1 1/2years with amazing results, I use the autoextender to stretch after hanging with the v-stretch device and an ADS to keep me extended after hanging and ANS when I sleep at night. As for extenders that's in my past now, but I hope this will help someone.
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                I have on/off used an X4 extender for 6-8 months. I typically could wear it, after about a 2 week learning period, for 8 hours a day. I bought the strap type and ALWAYS wrapped with the stuff that came with it, usually 4-5 times around and just under the head, but you need to experiment to see what works best. I started off with the small rods and now am using the big rods with the adjusters all the way out. I have stopped however as I plan to do a 3 month cycle of actual PE'ing in lieu wearing the extender. As far as gains go and Hein site being 20/20, when I first started stretching I measured length/girth but not my bone pressed just my EL which was at about 6.2. Now about 6-8 months later I took my BPEL and am at (see below) change in girth...You may ask are these all gains from stretching? Or poor measuring on my part...I have a few theories...

                I have never had a lot of fat in my pubic region and I also have noted that my "dick hairline" for lack of better terms, is much further up my shaft than I remember it being....I probably did gain as I wore this fucking thing religiously...However a few words of advice to anyone considering...NEVER NEVER NEVER try to wear it while you sleep, NEVER NEVER NEVER wear it when you are drinking (alcohol that is) and NEVER NEVER NEVER think pain is gain...when you head gets cold and you have no sensation/feeling in your glans its time to take it off and break for 15...ALWAYS bandage up the area in which you plan on anchoring to (whether it be the noose or strap) and you need to understand the theory of LOT as I think it plays a significant role in stretching gains...but thats just my 2 cents...Once I get in to a good PE routine I may try to work in a few 4 hours sessions "on the rack" as I call it. I will keep ya'll posted in my progress log....
                Start 6/10/08
                BPEL - 7.375
                EGM - 4.5625

                3 Month Goal 9/10/08
                BPEL - 8 (+.625) +/- 1/4" p/mon
                EGM - 5 (+.4375) +/- 1/8" p/mon