I'm thinking about buying an extender. Please help me choose the right one, for me.

Been using the Bathmate x30 during showers, 5 minutes of dry jelqing, and occasionally manual stretching, for 3 months. Not seeing much in gains yet. Maybe erect .25"-.5" length .25" girth.

I have always had the worst possible turtling. Lots of loose skin. Usually my penis is receeded inside of my body. If I manually stretch it out, it will hang but will receed again within a few minutes. I think there is a muscle in the PC muscle group that is pulling my penis back into turtled position. Maybe an extender could help.

Manual stretching is very difficult for me due to big hands, short arms, big belly, long torso, and the loose skin on my penis.

I am thinking Size Genetics types as I have a job that requires 5-10 miles of walking per day. Also have seen Phallosan Forte types which can be worn in evenings or even during sleep. But maybe all of my loose skin wouldn't work well with the Phallosan. Considering my anatomical hurdles, which type would you choose?