Hey team,

Been stalled on my growth for about two years now. Started doing hanging with weight toward the end of 2018 (~1kilo) in the mornings before my kids wake up for 30minutes 3 time a week. However, with only 30min of hanging I figure out itís not really doing any thing. So I bought one of those ADS that ties on to the shaft of the penis and tied to a Velcro strap on my thigh.

Itís only been 2 days in but I can def feel the stretch. The annoying thing is going to take a piss. I have to goto the cubicle instead of the urinal, but I am now feeling getting quite a good tension.

Has anyone used one of these devices and worked for them? I want to gain length and get to 7Ē BPEL in the short term and then 7Ē NBPEL in the long term.

Has anyone got any tips and good stories to share on these ADS? Iíll hear the negatives as wel should you choose to share.