I use enough extension bars to match El whole springs are fully compressed to strap in. I do so with an erection while comprising springs slightly to line up noose strap to just behind the ridge of my glands, slowing tighten it and tension screws as I lose my erection. I then increase the tention as much as I can.

To where the silicone tube ends up being on an angle towards the base I have the QEP duel strap but only use the two holes for strap closest to base. I put the access tubing from underneath back up through the front holes to insure they donít loosen.

I donít feel pain or discomfort I donít slip out, as long as I keep still and the glad doesnít start to shrink when I neglect to jelq it back up from lack of attention even after 8 hours of use.

I hadnít had any negative Pi until I added another extension bar a second from the smallest with my extender. I turtled after, where as before that my flaccid length didnít change much.

I took out the bars and continued use for a little longer in the same manner. maybe a week or so after seeing my flaccid length and erection length holding, I dropped PE completely.

With no retraction Iím going to be starting back at it again, only this time is with a QEP device having 4000g springs.

My previous QEP had 2500g ones.

I figure I should adjust the tension less. I was thinking to stop as soon as the tube strap is pulled toward base but not before.It was never painful.

Olny a discomfort when I added the extender rods early slightly beyond my EL. Maybe it was adding tension on top of that I should have avoided for a bit.

I thought it was ok because my BPFSL was as long as the change I made and could attach the device with fully compressed springs.

Am I safe to strap in the same,use slightly tension because of spring distance? Also just to avoid adding tension for at least couple days when adding new extension rods?

Iím only doing jelqs and v jelqs right now one month straight two days off, and for the past month on and off.

When start back up I plan to strap in the same. I will only increase tention gradually over the 6-8 hours. Every Time i start to feel the stretch weaken to where I could forget Iím wearing it. Always starting closer to the tension I finished with the previous day.

Itís once I get to the point in this method I start to slip I hover the tention just before doing so. where I stay in comfort but always am aware of the tension feeling it tight, that I always jump to full tension. Once Iíve lost my errection and fully tightened noose strap.

Please share your opinions this is what I know aside from what Iíve read for instructions off of the QEP website.

Which isnít much I came to this through trail and error mixed with blind use. As I purchased a replacement extender coming with parts and device only.

Iíve only just started to reaserch on this site for extenders mostly progress gains stuff. Before I get into searching I hope to hear anything based on my specific use personal adjustments. Keeping in mind I did earn gains 1Ē in two months.

Thanks for your time I will try to break any bad habits and put any advice to work. Although teaching an old dog new tricks can be frustrating.