LG Hanger Measurements: Marlon will have you submit ERECT girth (both MEG (mid) and BEG (base). You will only be hanging flaccid. Your erect girth should be much bigger than flaccid, and as such this allows room for wrapping. If you indeed grow enough throughout the process that you can no longer fit, you can calibrate by using a little less wrap.

And, if I grew so damn much (from any method) that I could no longer fit my flaccid girth into something that was built based on my erect girth, then I'd gladly cough up an extra $300. Hell, take $3,000 while you are at it!

If you plan to expect results from hanging, you must plan on putting in the hours. Comfort will help you get the hours. So, saving a few bucks (or even a couple hundred) on a device that you will likely use for 1,000 hours is silly.

This would be like going super cheap on a phone knowing that you might use it for 4 hours per day. Better places to save money.